The Wizard of Oz: Illustrate Your Own


Ever wanted to illustrate a book? Now you can.

‘All you have to do is to knock the heels together three times and command the shoes to carry you wherever you wish to go.’

In The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Dorothy and her dog Toto are carried away by a tornado and set out on a mission to find their way home; on the way they meet the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion who join them on their adventure. As they follow the yellow brick road the group are helped by a range of extraordinary characters, as well as the Wicked Witch who stands in their way.

Here, the original story is accompanied by empty frames waiting to be filled with your own art. Bring the magical Land of Oz to life in your unique version of this classic tale and capture the friendly Munchkins, the glittering Emerald City and the mischievous Winged Monkeys.

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Author: L. Frank Baum
Publisher: The History Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780750994941
Condition: Some minor wear to edges and corners of book. Small crease to top left-hand corner of cover. Otherwise new and unusued.


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