The Bluebell Railway


The Bluebell Railway was the premier preserved line in the thirty –year period covered in this book. Busy as he was with recording working BR s team in the mid- sixties, David Christie’s first visit to the line was by train in 1964 and then from 1967 more frequently by car, with a total of eighteen trips. The greater proportion of these were in the period 1969–72 when the line was usually worked by tank engines and nothing larger than the ‘Duke dog’ 4-4-0. The later, more in frequent visits witnessed a change from the ‘sleepy branch line’ image to more of a ‘cross-country’ feel, using longer trains with larger locomotives.

With an array of incredible unpublished photography covering the heyday of this iconic line, from 1964 to 1993, the author offers a wonder fully nostalgic and brilliantly evocative record of this wonderful period in the life of the Bluebell Railway.

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Author: David Christie

Publisher: Amberley

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781445669465



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